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APS Global has been providing payroll and pension services to Schools, Academies and MATs for a number of years now and is highly experienced in administering complex set-ups.  Schools have been able to choose their own provider for payroll for quite some time, but many are still using the Local Authority to process their payroll.  When asked why, the most common answer we are given is:

“Although the service may not be great, at least they know what they are doing. We are worried that anyone else will get it wrong.”

Not all LEAs provide a bad service, but many schools report issues such as unrealistic deadlines, reports not being received until after pay day, no flexibility with reporting, inability to change the payroll when someone’s bank details change close to pay day, leavers continuing to be paid due to immoveable processes etc.

As we are a commercial company, we have to be more responsive to your requirements and therefore have designed a flexible, yet comprehensive service to offer you.

What is included

We charge a flat fee per payslip, and all payroll and pension related administration is included:


  • Calculation from Gross to Net, RTI submissions and Payment of net pay via BACS
  • Liaison with third parties, such as HMRC, County Courts, Childcare Vouchers, UNISON, Prudential, TP, LGPS etc. and paying over any amounts due
  • Calculation, deduction and remittance of both TP and LGPS
  • Monthly and annual submission of TP and LGPS returns (including MDC and soon to be MCR)
  • E-Payslips, with an option for printed and posted security seal payslips
  • Provision of comprehensive reporting, including multiple cost splits
  • Assistance with audits and advice and Guidance on legislative changes
  • Tracking sickness entitlements for both Teachers and Support Staff
  • Calculating holiday for zero hours staff
  • Provision of P60s and P11Ds at year end
  • Full completion of your Auto Enrolment obligations, including 3 year re-enrolments and the Declarations of compliance


Fees and Benefits To You

Our prices start at £3.50 per payslip (plus VAT) and some of the benefits include:

  • Less restrictive input deadlines
  • Flexibility regarding last minute changes
  • Increased visibility of costs due to improved reporting
  • Vastly less payroll queries due to the ability to check the payroll in advance and make any necessary changes.
  • Reduced cost of service
  • If you are an Academy Trust, as you grow, you don’t need to worry about internal capacity – our service will grow with you and will guide you through the process of adding a new school to your existing payroll.



We can also tailor a service around your requirements, so if you need more than just payroll and pensions, we can expand on the above to create something truly bespoke.


This could include things such as:


  • Preparing and/or submitting the school Workforce Census
  • Taking on various HR Admin tasks using your existing terms, such as:
    • Issuing contracts
    • Chasing for employee information
    • Sending letters confirming changes to contracts
    • Sending letters regarding Maternity/Paternity/Adoption leave
    • Sending letters confirming changes in Absence pay entitlements (such as dates for moving to half or no pay entitlement
    • Sending out Annual Salary Statements
  • Sourcing providers for other services – need a specialist Employment Lawyer? Want to implement a Trust-wide Benefits package? Looking for a new accountant or Auditor? Want to have some new videos done for your website? We have a range of contacts across many industries who will be able to help.


So whether you are Community School disappointed with the service your LEA is providing, a single MAT looking for a new provider, or a 20 school MAT over multiple LEAs and dealing with half a dozen different Local Government Pension Schemes, we can provide an excellent service at a good price.  Call us and see what we can do for you.

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