About Us

APS Global is a company dedicated to providing both payroll services to employers in the UK and around the world. Many companies are now discovering that the time consuming task of the payroll is becoming increasingly difficult, in part thanks to the ever-changing legislation that has to be implemented. Our Payroll Services can relieve you of this complex burden, allowing you to save time and money to add additional value to your business.

APS Global can handle virtually all payrolls, regardless of frequency or size. However, if something you request cannot be done or would conflict with legislation, we will tell you openly. Our main value is honesty. In Payroll, honesty and trust are paramount – if you cannot trust us to be honest, why would you trust us to run your payroll?

Our Business Working Principles

We recognize our responsibility to make our customers successful. We also understand that part of that success depends on our ability to manage our business ethically, transparently, and responsibly. We value our honesty and integrity.

At APS Global we have adopted a set of values which we call our Business Working Principles. We realize that there are many laws and regulations central to the success of our customers and we strive to maintain an environment that allows our customers to remain compliant with the rules relevant to them. These Business Working Principles, in addition to our Code of Conduct and other internal policies, describe the kind of behaviour required by all of our employees.

1. Forced or Involuntary Labour

2. Child Labour

3. Wages and Benefits

4. Working Hours

5. Nondiscrimination

6. Respect and Dignity

7. Freedom of Association

8. Protection of the Environment

9. Health and Safety

10. Ethical Dealings

11. Laws, Regulations, and Other Legal Requirements



Data protection and security

As a Payroll Services Provider, we are bound by the data protection act and are registered with the Information Commissioner as a data handler. We are also registered with HMRC under the Money Laundering Regulations.

Giving you confidence

All payroll information is stored on password protected computers, using password protected software. All data is backed up offsite onto a secure server, in case of data corruption.

Planning for problems

Because of the way we back data up you can be certain that in the unlikely event we get a virus that wipes our server, we can retrieve the information in a matter of hours and continue running your payrolls.

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