Unfortunately, in the midst of the coronavirus epidemic, the travel, tourism and hospitality industries in the UK have suffered arguably more than any other sector. The impact on travel and the closure of pubs and restaurants has led to more precariousness in the sector, which clearly has a knock-on effect on every element of business functionality.

Keeping a payroll in-house might not be the most cost-effective business expense anymore if there’s a need to streamline and cut costs, aswell as fluctuating staff turnover. Outsourcing your payroll can be an ideal solution and keep your business agile and handled by experts.

Help Recovery

The tourism, hospitality and travel industries are gradually reopening, albeit with a level of caution and consideration that means that this is in a different format to usual. With some government intervention, there are schemes that have been designed to help these sectors start to return back to a new kind of normality, which will have a knock-on effect on the rest of the UK economy.

Furlough arrangements will be ending in October, which means that unfortunately businesses will have to make some pressing decisions and, in the industries mentioned, having an in-house payroll might not be an efficient use of time or budget anymore. Outsourcing your payroll allows an experienced team to deal with the volatility in business regulations and payroll processes, which allows a business to concentrate on other concerns.

Manage New Staff Considerations

Because of the complexity that’s arisen in every element of society and the unpredictability when it comes to lockdowns and new regulations, staff turnover and flexibility in tourism, travel and hospitality will be even more relevant than usual.

Staff turnover is elevated in these industries anyway as the work can be seasonal and staff levels naturally fluctuate in accordance. Dealing with this before peak times can be difficult for any in-house payroll employee, as they get to grips with onboarding, different contract types and different regulations. This is going to be even more of a pressing need, as we move through coronavirus and new members of staff need to be recruited for certain periods.


Tourism and hospitality businesses might be operating from several different sites at once which means there will be different payroll cycles happening simultaneously. This can be tough to manage at the best of times, but especially right now as certain sites might not be open and different staff at different sites furloughed. Instead of having an in-house team that has to manage several different sites, types of contracts and fluctuating situations, an outsourced payroll team can take care of this for you and keep on top of a changing situation, which leaves you with more time to manage separate sites and business operations.

For more information about outsourcing and any advice on what to do if you’re a travel, tourism or hospitality business in the current climate, contact our experienced team here at APS Global and we’ll help to find solutions for your business.

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